Welcome to AgeNet!

We are a Canadian Charity whose Mission is to minimize the time to the development of interventions in aging through research and education.

Our research programs are focused on the nascent field of rejuvenation biotechnologies as proposed by Aubrey de Grey, PhD and outlined in Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS). These strategies seek to remove or otherwise make harmless the molecular damage that accumulates with time which underly the loss of health over time.

Our educational programs involve funding conferences and providing awards and other assistance to students in the development of their education and careers.

How to Donate

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For donations involving a check or money order, please send your donation, please send unrestricted donations to the address below along with your email and other contact info. to:

Aging Research Network Donations
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Please contact us for banking information if you would like to send your donation via bank transfer.